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You are a tremendous author!   You have captured your father’s experiences from his combat missions as well as his encounters with the French families – I felt like I was talking with your Dad and felt his fear, courage and I love it.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your return visits to France – what a wonderful way to honor your father’s story.  I will cherish your book and plan to share it with our children and my brothers and sisters! ~ Kandy

I finished your book and found it to be very, very interesting. The way you told your Dad’s story, I felt as if I knew him, plus some of the things you said about him I could relate to with my Dad. An example is the salad with the oil and vinegar dressing only and then dipping the bread. We had salad with every meal and I do have salad a lot, too, and dip the bread. I liked the way you personalized a lot in your book. I write myself and my philosophy is to “write about what you know.” I know you did a ton of research and it paid off in your great story that needed to be told. ~Vickie

I read your book and congrats on a very good read. Love the way you went back to your Dad’s roots and brought it forward. ~Debbie

I just finished reading. This is fantastic. I cannot put into words how much your story means to me. As I read this, it me made me think of my own four uncles who served their country in this war, doing what was necessary to protect this country. You are to be congratulated for this work. My favorite line, to paraphrase, ” let us no forget the simple men of this generation. ~Steve

What a splendid book you have written. What work to research carefully and document all the events in your father’s life. He would be so proud of you. Thank you for your kind thought of me to give me a copy of your book. My children will be fascinated with all you have written and the amazing pictures. Your father was a very special friend to my teenagers. I have always been grateful for him in that roll (and I told him this I am glad to say). ~Betty

Just read this amazing book about ordinary people risking everything to do the extraordinary. It’s the story of real people: a badly injured young American World War II pilot and the brave French families who helped him survive and hid him for weeks. The whole story was almost lost to time, but his daughter was able to put it all together and share it with the world. She and my friend Darlene Perry Smith spent years researching and retracing his steps. It was worth it. ~Katie D.

After just finishing the book you wrote about your father, In the Hands of Strangers, I cannot get my emotions to settle back to normal. I have smiled, cried hurt and praised all at the same time. You made me feel like I was right there with him and his rescuers. I know it took 20 years, but to hold that love and commitment in your heart for all that time is something only a special person can do. I have always felt a little envious of those daughters who had such adoration from their fathers – and vice versa. I was carried away to such a world that I had to keep reminding myself it was true and not fiction. You are so gifted to relay this piece of history in such a soul-moving way. To know him like I feel I do now, it is no wonder you are who you are.  ~Betty K.


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